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Double Storage Fly Rod Holder - Side Mount

Price: $42.95

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Use our innovative double fly rod holder to keep your fly rods easily accessible, but safely and securely out of the way. This fly rod holder is fully adjustable to fit many angles.  It can be mounted many different ways – from frames to tubes. The double version of our fly rod holder is more for traveling or for a storage solution. Use them to set your rods up in an easily accessible place, carry multiple rods, and have easy access.

Comes with its very own double end extension, which gives adjustment at both ends, utilizing both vertical and horizontal adjustment. Two different angles on the teeth gives a finer angle adjustment on the rod holder.
  • Comes with safety straps and will hold almost all fly rods and reels.
  • Holds your rod very safe, yet extremely accessible.
  • Single holder is more for trolling or drifting situations, but will work for storage just as well.
  • Extremely adjustable for height and angles.
  • Made of marine grade plastics and stainless hardware.
  • Made in USA

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