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Adjustable Extension Post Kit

Price: $21.99

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The Double End Extension Post adds 8 ½” to the standard post. This post gives adjustment at both ends, utilizing both vertical and horizontal adjustment. Two different angles on the teeth give a finer angle adjustment on the rod holder.

Made of the best marine grade materials for strength and reliability, our post resists twisting and bending. It is rated to 50 lbs of tip pressure to the end of the extension (on a straight downward pull). Sideways pulling greatly decreases the amount of pressure that can be applied in a safe manner, but this post is still very solid.

This kit includes the extension post, knob and bolt set, as well as the short post. This kit is designed for upgrading older rod holders to ensure you get the newest and best materials.
  • Increases height 8 ½” over stock gear.
  • The most adjustable extension post available.
  • Super tough materials won't bend or twist.
  • Excellent for when height and adjustment ability is needed.
  • Made in USA

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