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Rod Holder Downrigger Mounting Kit - F504

Price: $69.99

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A whole new twist – mount them directly to your downrigger.

Height, versatility, and ease... Mount our quick release rod holder to your downrigger to gain all three!

With this basic kit, you have a maximum rod holder height of 11” inches over your downrigger boom. This kit brings your rod holder straight up from the boom. The solid mounting allows for vertically adjustments only – no lateral rod positioning. The rod holder itself maintains some adjustability and versatility.  All of this is possible without drilling any new holes in your boat. This kit is not as adjustable as the F500, F501, F502 or F503 kits. Works great and comes highly recommended!
  • Mount to virtually any downrigger with a boom size 1" - 1.35" - including Cannon, Penn (electric model), and Scotty.
  • This kit does not allow for the same versatility as the other kits, but is still quite adjustable.
  • Easy to adjust, yet it is very strong. Made in the USA with high quality, marine grade materials.
After finding your desired position, we recommend pinning it to your downrigger boom using the set screw receptacle so it does not move.

This kit includes:
  • Advantage Rod Holder – No Mount
  • F051 Adjustable Extension Post Only
  • F063 Universal Mount Bracket Only (fits 1" - 1.35" downrigger booms)

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