Common Questions

Q: Do I have to replace my mounts or will Folbe Products fit my current rod holder mounts?

A: Folbe Rod holders, extensions posts, and rod holder cleats will only fit and lock into Folbe mounts. However, most other manufacturers' products (such as Fish On, Attwood, Ram, and others) will fit into our mounts. You may interchange the post on a few brands, such as Scotty, to use the Folbe rod holders on their mounts.

The bolt patterns of our products are the same as most other manufacturers'. This makes it very simple to just replace the mount – a quick and easy swap.

Q: How should I mount my Folbe Rod Holder to my boat?

A: We would recommend stainless with through holes to mount screws with washers and nuts. In many cases, when mounted correctly, stainless wood screws work great. For instances where you cannot reach the back for tightening the screws, rivets are a good choice.

Q: Will the rod holder work with spinning reels?

A: Yes, it will work. We recommend laying the reel so that the weight of it lies over the stationary side of the rod holder for drifting, mooching, etc. For trolling situations, lay it the same way, but we also recommend locking it for added security.

Q: My rods have finger trigger grips on them – will they fit in your rod holder?

A: Yes, the rods with finger trigger grips will fit. There are cut outs on the bottom of the rod holder in the front and back purposely built for rods with finger trigger grips.

Q: When should I lock my rod holder?

A: We recommend locking the rod holder in extremely rough water or when trolling your rod in a very adverse angled position.

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